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With so many schools and colleges offering high quality education and with the advent of internet and social media, your brand is your only means to differentiate yourself from competition.

We at Ozran, know educational institutions well and work diligently to understand your specific Institute. Collaborating and sensing the essence of your core requirements our team at Ozran works in building a strong sustainable and scalable presence in the digital as well as in the real world environment. Having worked with a variety of educational institutions, we’ve helped them attain a multitude of goals by using our knowledge and expertise in marketing strategies and educational technologies.

Why hire Ozran?

Branding and marketing of educational institutes takes a lot of different skills and a keen eye for detail. We take pride in sharing experience, unique insight and strategic talent of our teams.The biggest advantage of hiring Ozran is gaining new perspectives along with professional expertise which otherwise is unviable with full time multilayered staff. We’re professionals - each with unique talents and years of experience in branding, marketing and advertising. We are driven by passion and we just so happen to be very good at branding, design and strategy.

Image is everything so the foundation lies in developing a reputation, positioning and brand mark that represents and reflects the values of your institute. Using key insights into your institute, Ozran will align services that you need and translate them into the type of powerful positioning, communication and design that stands out in the increasingly competitive markets.

Our Team

Sharay Jawed  
Founder & Partner

Suresh Iyer 
Partner & Mentor

Aafreen Ali 
Associate Partner

Athul Parameswaran 
Head - Creatives

Neda Mallick
Head - Client Relationship

Dev Raj
Head - Production

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